The state of my bookshelves

I own about 250 books. Works of fiction, I mean. I probably have two or three times as much in biographies and comics and non-fiction. Maybe more.

I like the fact that the books I own are either books I haven´t read yet or books I definately will read again. If I read a book not worth opening a second time, I give it away. I suppose I could sell it over the internet (plenty of good sites for that) but I´m too lazy and besides, giving stuff to good-will makes me feel undeservedly... well, good. I dread to imagine the load I would have had if I had kept all the books I ever bought or was given, or - the horror - all the books I ever read! I thank every deity for the miracle of the public library!

I do feel some kind of weight about all those unread books, though. A lot of them came in to my life quite recently, when my mother-in-law moved and let me take whatever I wanted. She had a lot of classics and I should be getting to them. Maybe I need a plan?

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