Choosing the perfect vacation read, part II

I have raided my shelves for candidates. There are six of them, all rather different. (That´s the crown princess´s wedding on tv.) I imagine you can see the titles.

First, there is Kurt Vonnegut´s "Cat´s cradle". An "apocalyptic tale... blackly fatalistic and hilarously funny". I really liked his essays in "Palm Sunday" but I haven´t read "Slaughterhouse-Five" or any fiction at all by him. A bit of a gamble.

Then, Rosamunde Pilcher´s "Flowers in the rain and other stories". I may have read her sometime in the 80´s, but I can´t remember anything about her. I have friends who love her, and it´s all very english, which fits with the general mood of the trip, I think. But will I really like it?

Then, two detective stories. Philip Kerr´s "A philosophical investigation" and Ken Follett´s "Night over water". Actually, the last one is described as a "romantic thriller" so it might not exactly be a whodunit.

I also have Joseph Conrad´s "Victory" with an anti-hero somewhere in the colonies and George Eliot´s "The Mill on the Floss". Eliot´s might turn out to be one I will like to keep, so I´m not sure I dare bring it along. And Conrad might be a bit too heavy for planes and trains.

I suppose Follett and Kerr are the sure ones. Perhaps. But I will need to sleep on it. I have a week to decide.

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