The creative process

I have taken a little break with Isherwood (I want to digest what I have read so far and prolong the time we will have together) and read Eva Sanners book "Det sjunde steget", which translates as "The seventh step". I doubt this book is translated to english.

Sanner is a psycho synthesis therapist and her perspective is a bit different to others in the field of creativity, I think. I did get some insights into my own particular hangups.

However, generally, I feel that a lot of the books in this genre are more or less rehashing the same stuff, the same quotes and then mixing it with some anecdotes. It can be very inspiring when you are low and I suppose these books are a kind of substitute for a good mentor, if you haven´t got one. And seriously, how many of us do? No wonder this is a lucrative market! And actually, that is one of Eva Sanners good tips: to create one´s own Inner Mentor, to balance that Inner Critic that we all got for free.

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