Reading maps

It´s two days away: our vacation trip to England! And this is what I´m "reading" at the moment. It`s a heavy thing, covers the entire country and not something I carry with me, but a great inspirational "book", splendidly suitable for armchair travelling. I can spend hours with it, fantasizing about fantastic trips to magic places like Tintagel, Salisbury, or Askrigg. I want to see it all! I really see no reason to travel anywhere else until I have...

In fact, maps are fascinating and one of the interests I share with my husband. If we find maps from some interesting place, like a boxful of historical maps of Berlin, with and without the wall, it is a obvious souvenir. Our guestroom is furnished with some of our favourites, like an old map of Prague, one of London (yes!), and one of Africa (with a big piece of land named "unexplored territory").

We will be traveling to places of literary interest like Coventry, Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes. More on that later on.

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