I had a disturbing dream. I dreamt I was at a dinnerparty where an engagement was announced between a very 18th Century noble man (he had ridiculous manners) and a modern german novelist. During the evening it was clear that he was in conflict with the publishing house they both belonged to (a very famous swedish publisher) and he was wondering which of his seven father-in-laws could help him with this. I thought "I would not like to be engaged to him!".

The next evening (in my dream) I saw on the news that the german novelist had staged a demonstration in favor of her fiancée. She was throwing herself at a fence, face and hands first and landing on a small boy. The footage was at first shaky, like a handheld camera and someone was screaming "get the boy out of there! she´ll kill him!" and then an interview with her, face bleeding, teeth missing, holding up her broken hands. She said to the reporter "These are worth fortysix million to the publishing house.".

At this point I woke up, very disturbed. Where the heck do images like these come from and why are they taking shape in my brain when I sleep? Is it even possible to take control over that part of the mind? Luckily, I rarely have nightmares!

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