Finally: a good book!

I have a problem: finding good books to read. This is probably not to do with the quality of books around, more to do with the fact that I have read a bit by now and I want to be stimulated by a new read. I want it to be exciting, inspiring, a learning experience and I even want it to be well written. These are all relative qualities. What excited me at twenty feels quite boring now.

Anyway: seems like it could be a good idea to return to the classics. I stumbled on Christopher Isherwoods "A single man" while looking for something completely different, and since it has recently been made into an awardwinning film with one of my favourite Mr Darcys, Colin Firth, I decided to give it a go. And I have not been disappointed. This book is intriguing, engaging, beautifully written. I haven´t finished it yet, and I´m sort of dreading it´s ending (it´s just a short novel, only 158 pages) and having to go look for another one anywhere near the quality of this read!

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