Snapped, Crackled... and Pooped

We had a quiet New Year´s Eve with mum-in-law and left her in front of the television, to enjoy the traditional reading of Tennyson, twenty minutes before midnight. We, of course, wanted to see the fireworks at the northern harbour, which is the local tradition. Unfortunately, it had been snowing earlier in the day and clouds were dense and low.

After a few initial sparkles on the grey, foggy background (it took some major tweaking to develope an acceptable photo from what I got), the gunpowder smoke mixed with the clouds and the "ooohhh!"s and the "aaahhh!"s turned into sober comments like "well, at least you can hear it" as the fireworks, no doubt spectacular, crackled somewhere in the fog before us. I turned my camera to the side of the cloud and among the thirty or so frames I shot, I got one with a bit of sparkle in it.

Expectant crowds.

First snap.


It was more fun to photograph the crowds as the party-people were trying to find their way back inside. Or find the after-party, perhaps. Some seemed ready for bed... I have been looking a lot at black-and-white photography lately, so that´s what I experimented with.

As we say in Sweden: Good Continuation!

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