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I don´t know if there is such a thing as a national sense of humour. Probably there is, since what you find funny is tightly bound to your frame of reference and your values. This is why the young laugh at other things than their elders, and why the working classes laugh at other things than academics or the affluent.

Comic strip creators, and married couple, Jan and Maria Berglin must represent some of the best middle age, middle class humour in Sweden. They are expertly pointing their fingers at absurdities in the way we live and think. This week, I love this:

Translation: There is an abundance of coaches urging us to great achievements, but who is teaching us the fine art of giving up?
She says: Blabla... work... blabla...marriage hell...blabla...blood pressure...blabla...the trailer...blabla...nights sleep...blabla...aquarium fish...bla...roof tiles...bla...I´m trying and trying...
He says: But let go of the oars, silly! And have a chocolate. You didn´t ask for this... you were tricked into life just like the rest of us. Coffee?
And the hanging on the wall says: Teach me, you forest, to wither happily!

It´s that last bit that cracked me up. Perhaps this is particularly Swedish, having grown up with grandmother´s embroidered mottos.

Oh, and have a look at this! Hilarious! And creepy...

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