A Symphony for the Eye

Stunning photographs from New York´s Central Park. Niels Oesingmann is the photograper and it´s a good demonstration of the art of composition.

This goes very well with what we are watching (or rather, listening to) on television right now, which is "Last night of the Proms" from the Royal Albert Hall in London. Joyce DiDonato is just now performing something of Rossini´s, a real treat! We have just brought mum-in-law home from a week in hospital and I´m enjoying a well-deserved G&T.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. those photos of the trees are unbelievable. they look like they are moving, reaching...

    glad your mother-in-law got to go home from the hospital. i'm trusting she'll have a quick and uncomplicated recovery.

    1. Thank you, yes one can hope. But I´m not holding my breath. It seems like an ongoing, reoccuring thing: she looses a lot of blood through her gut, has to have transfusions, no one can find what´s wrong, she goes home, she is rushed back... she´s not as stressed out about it anymore, though, which is good.