No More Time Team

Oh no! The news just reached me now, that "Time Team" has been cancelled! I just started watching the first episode of the latest season, and apparently, it´s the last!

Before TT, would I have taken pictures of tessera?
I only discovered this series sometime in 2006 or 2007, and have been an entusiastic fan ever since. For me, lead digger Phil Harding embodies the spirit of Time Team: a complete lack of fashion (though plenty of style), not even remotely ego-centered, massive experience and knowledge, and complete devotion to the job at hand, whatever it is. And Time Team has been turning up a lot of divers things, from every age, concerning every aspect of human history and human endeavour. I have learned so much, while being so entertained.

I do realize they must quit sometime. It´s been twenty years, after all. And some of them are getting on a bit. Luckily, I have recorded every episode that´s been on since I discovered it, and that is my comfort.

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