Aborted reading

I started reading this really attractive, interesting book about the age of the vikings, "Vikingatidens härskare" (= the rulers of the viking age) by Anna Lihammer, fresh from the presses. I ignored the new-book smell, and after a week I had a really bad, tearing cough. Also, as a treat I bought myself a couple of fashion magazines, which I could only leaf into a few pages before I felt my chest burning.

It sucks. And I´m quite a bit miffed at myself for doing this, over and over again. I tend to forget when I haven´t had a reaction for some time. But now I have put myself on a strict diet of e-books, and have cleaned away all unnecessary paper products.

I suppose I am lucky to live in the digital world. I have plenty of good stuff on Mr Kindle and the Iriver Story. And the e-library is also well stocked. No problem, really.


  1. i read online some but nothing longer than short stories. i haven't made the leap to an e-reader. it's appealing. i keep thinking i'll explore it as soon as my physical tbr stack gets smaller, but i keep adding more books to-be-read. lol

    1. That´s my problem: I look at my physical stack and feel almost sick that I shouldn´t touch it. And then I do. It´s like trying to stay away from cookies...