From My Photo Album: Bleak Berlin

I came across a strip of Swedish comic "Rocky", where he goes with his friend to Berlin. The whole strip is about them queuing to get up the Fernsehturm (= television tower), and when they finally get there, it´s dark and all they see is their own reflection. Then, the friend notice the queue to the elevator down...

This made me laugh, because it was exactly our experience when we visited Berlin in October 2008. My husband even insisted that we queue to get into the revolving restaurant, and I had eisbein while we slowly rotated, which made me eventually feel rather sickly. I only have balance in one ear, and this makes me a bit sensitive to those small movements that hardly register. I got sick on top of the Empire State Building as well.

Posh bathroom. All marble.
Anyway, I was looking through my photo album from the Berlin trip and found every photo rather bleak looking. And no wonder, Berlin was a rather bleak city, I thought. I suppose it must look a bit different today, as there were a lot of building projects going on. And I suppose the weather was bleak, too.

Also, I really disliked our hotel. It was on the old east side, ridiculously posh (the husband had some very advantageous offer through, I don´t know, Radisson, Amex or something) without being comfortable. In their tea- and champagne lounge (!) they charged 12 euros (!!!) for a cup of luke warm tea with not even a tiny shortbread accompanying it. This didn´t make me love Berlin more. But we still had a nice few days there.

Me, at Olof Palme Platz.

Schinkelmuseum, a sculpture museum inside the Friedrichswerdersche Kirche. Amazing place.
The bleak view from the Fernsehturm. After hours and hours of queuing.

Fernsehturm from down below.

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