Pirates - smoke & mirrors

Just finished Laurie R King´s "Pirate King", the latest adventure with Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes´ increasingly accomplished wife and partner.

This time, she gets involved with a silent movie crew, under cover as the producer´s assistant, or general dogsbody. (Imagine the rational logic of Russell put up against the artistic temperament of actors and you can sense the comedic potential, can´t you?) Criminal activity seem to follow in the footsteps of this Brittish producer-director team (Flytte Films - "Flyttes of Fancy!") and Scotland Yard and Lestrade are concerned. Or, the investors are concerned (the Palace, no less). And perhaps Mycroft is lurking behind it all, the most concerned of them all. Since their last adventure, Mary is very resentful towards him and he has to be indirect and manipulative to get her to even "cross the street for him". I hope they become friends again, I like Mycroft very much.

A piratical sort of vessel at Charlestown, UK, last summer.
Holmes also joins her a bit into the adventure, and after a lot of song and dance (literally!) everything turns out all right, as one expects it to do. No spoilers, read it for yourselves. They really should translate more of these books to Swedish. They also really should consider filming them, preferably for television, where they can take more time with the stories. I´m thinking Jeremy Irons and Gemma Arterton, they would be sooo perfect...

And, to my great relief, another book is on it´s way. In the fall, "Garment of Shadows" will be available to brighten up our lives. I can see myself by the pool in Fuerteventura (yes, we are planning to escape the deep winter blues of Lapland) on Christmas Day, chuckling over Russell&Holmes.

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