A book for free!

A very heavy book.
No, not this one.

For, what, six weeks I have been trying to get into Thomas Mann´s "The Magic Mountain". A very heavy volume, as you can see. I never got farther than page twenty. Guess it was not meant to be. Not now, anyway. Perhaps it´s just the weight of it, but then again, it´s not exactly "Buddenbrooks", is it?

No, I´ve been looking for a lighter read, something like a collection of essays or something. And here´s a tip for you:

My favourite Minimalists are, for a few days, giving away one of their books. On kindle, which you can read on your computer if you don´t have the Thing (actually the Thing has become a lot cheaper since I last contemplated buying it, I think I might soon get one). You can get the book here.

I haven´t read it yet, but the offer is time-limited, so just saying while you can get it. I am really inspired by their ideas, I like the whole questioning of the consumer society thing, which we all just do. I have come to much dislike the fact that two people (us!) in a six-room-flat for twenty years have managed to collect sooo much stuff, it´s just sitting there, demanding me to clean it more often than I want to be dragged away from my books, you know... (And MY books aren´t even the issue any more, I have cleaned out my shelves so hard, I´m so proud, have to post a picture of that soon, just have to get it all organized in alphabetic order, which will take about two minutes, just have to read Joshua´s and Ryan´s minimalist book first...)

Well, it´s Sunday, I´m going to finish my brioche & coffee, take a walk over to mom-in-law´s for a cup of tea & a chat, and then take the sofa with my new book that I got all gratis. Can´t think of anything I´d rather do.

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