My new favourite drink is something I have just been taught by my Swiss sister: it´s called Panache, and it´s a 50-50 mix of lager and Sprite (or German lemonade, if you have it). She says that in Germany it´s called a Radler (cyclist) because of it´s refreshing and low-alcoholic qualities; it is unlikely to make you so drunk that you cycle back home by way of a ditch (or, in the Alps, a deadly-steep slope). I googled this and it appears to be a version of what the British call shandy. Mixing their beer with anything is not something Swedes are inclined to do (we have light beer, after all), but it really is highly recommendable!


  1. If you like it so much now, wait until summer. A cold Panache on a warm summer afternoon in the sun is great! :-)
    /Swiss sister

    1. After a long, steep walk, when you deserve it the most, right? ;-D