Cheerful Art, of the Season

There is an exhibition at the Art Gallery right now that I am enamoured with. It is Anu Touminen´s "Isvattenfärger" (= icewater colours).

Touminen is a Helsinki-based conceptual artist who makes installations of what she finds, both at flea markets and at home. Her exhibition has a strong Christmas theme, and I get an almost tangible sense of having my grandmother with me (in spirit). Much of what´s on display here are things I associate with her, like crocheted potholders. Many potholders. Touminen has an entire wall full of potholders looking like Santas.

"Grupporträtt av säsongsarbetarna" (= group portrait of seasonal workers)

Touminen says in interviews that the seasons are very important to her and always present in her exhibitions. Orange is to her the colour of autumn, and there is much of it here, besides the red of Christmas. 

If you are anywhere near Luleå during the Christmas season I heartily recommend a visit; Touminen will lift your spirits. She is exhibiting until January 12, 2014.

"Badande" (= bathers)

At the Culture House website there is a kind of poem by Touminen, a sort of declaration, perhaps:

"En dimmig morgon" (= a misty morning)

Detail from "En dimmig morgon".

"Sötvattenisbrytare" (= sweet water icebreaker), inspired by Finnish icebreaker "Urho".
Hyvää Joulua! (= merry christmas, in Finnish)

Can´t figure out what the title of this was, but they are irresistable!

"Tidig morgon vid havet" (= early morning by the sea)

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