Fashion Film Fun

Swedish blogger Torsten Kälvemark alerted me to the treasure trove of the Swedish-speaking Finnish television archive. Among other things I found this fashion show from 1920 (it´s narrated in Finnish which I don´t understand, but it hardly matters). The dresses are lovely, and the models move awkwardly, but it seems to have been the way it was done, judging from this other film from 1939. I suppose the idea was that the audience get a really good look at the garment. The three children that finish the 1939 fashion show are just too cute!

This is also cool: a 1930´s film about the virtues of tricot. We see a historical expose (ever since ancient times...), we go on a visit to a stocking factory, see pretty girls in bathing suits, moms keeping themselves and their children in warm winter underwear, and of course there is a fashion show towards the end. It´s not just pretty dresses, but sportswear as well.

Leaning more towards the hilarious: an over-choreographed fashion show from 1972. The models are still waving their arms about like they did in the 20´s clip...

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