Street Art, and More

A few weeks ago I was walking to a friend, and saw something in the corner of my eye that made me stop. Whoah! Where did this come from? I got an uncomfortable feeling that it might have been there a long time, and that I just had not paid attention. I walked a bit closer to get a good look.

It is part of something called Studio 31, apparently. I didn´t have time to go in and look, as I was expected somewhere, but I googled it, and it looks really interesting: an artists´ and artisans´ cooperative with a gallery, store, and activity room for courses and such. They have a vernissage this Saturday, and it looks like just the thing I need. Exploring a new art venue, what a treat!

The mural isn´t that old, to my great relief; it was made this summer by artist Carolina Falkholt as a project during the X-border Art Biennal, another event that kind of passed me by. I don´t know what I do with my time, honestly. On the other hand, it´s great news that there is so much going on on the local art scene that it´s too much for one person to see it all. 


  1. i love street art of almost any kind, even including some kinds of graffiti, but this is a special stand-out! it must've been such a treat to come across it.

    1. I agree - I don´t see why more ugly concrete walls couldn´t be given to artists to work on. It would cheer us up immensely.