Bring on the Rain!

We saw this sign in a shop window this summer, when we were seeking shelter from the rain, actually. That said, we have been very lucky weather-wise on our trips to England over the years. Not very much rain at all. Nor has it been scorching hot, which is perfect for excursions. As a far-up-northerner, I thing the Brits complain a bit too much about their weather.

Come to think of it, I am probably wearing my raincoat in most of our vacationsnaps. I also wore it all last winter, with an anorak underneath. I suppose the trick is to buy as stylish a raincoat as you can; if you can get it for 4.95 (even in British Pounds), you´re lucky!

Taking a look at what Pinterest has on display, it occurs to me that really, with such stylish options around, is there any reason to ever buy a coat that is not a raincoat? I mean, I want them all! Even the Ralph Lauren Dog Raincoat. I particularly want that one, with the cute dog to match!

Clearly, a good raincoat is universally appreciated. They should probably have a hood or a matching hat, though. This one looks really nice. An evening raincoat is genious! And this one is my favourit - I think it would make me look like a cartoon character.

I feel like I just had some profound epiphany. Perhaps I have over-estimated my intelligence these last 47 years...

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