A Squirrel in a Fir Tree

When I was out photographing foliage, I took a lot of shots up in the trees, some of which didn´t turn out so well. When I came across this one, I thought, what is that thing?

I wish I had seen him when I was there, I had so much more zoom in the lens! But I am rather myopic (autofocus is a godsend). Anyway, the photo reminded me of an old nursery rhyme by Alice Tegnér I am sure the kids still sing.


The squirrel was sitting in the fir tree
about to peel his cones.
When he heard the children coming
he hurried away.
He jumped onto the pine branch
but bruised his little leg
and his long shaggy tail. 

(Awkward & unmusical translation by me. Video by Mrs Bean. Song by Alice Babs.)

There have been verses added later, that can not be attributed to Tegnér. According to them, the squirrel then goes home to mummy (who lives in a green field, which doesn´t sound very natural to a squirrel, but rhymes well in Swedish), is put to bed with a stiff drink, a plaster on his toe and a bandage on his tail.

PS: Some great advice, via Humans of New York.


  1. Viktoria- kul att du hittade in till mig! ( tack till tekoppen! :-) ) Har kikat runt hos dig- härliga bilder!
    Ha en fin onsdagskväll! :-)

  2. ( det var inte lätt att posta något hos dig..... vet inte om jag gjorde rätt.... hoppas du får mina kommentarer! )

    1. Om det är du som är Anna så gick det hur bra som helst! ;-)