In Passing

This summer, when we were on the train from Portsmouth to Dover, I was lucky enough to get a glimps of this: The Long Man of Wilmington. I wouldn´t have seen it at all - much less gotten a snap of it - if the guy across the aisle hadn´t been bending down over some paperwork. The Long Man is near Eastbourne and plays a part in "The Language of Bees", one of Laurie R King´s Mary Russell mysteries.


  1. i've heard of this. i think the controversy (well, maybe not "controversy," but...) around when it was made is interesting. when i first heard of it, it was thought to be from the iron age if i'm remembering correctly. now, it's known to be much more recent. i had forgotten all about him. thx!

    1. Yes, I believe it was actually made in the 17th Century - or at least that´s what the archeologists seem to think now. Until new evidence arise, or something like that. There are quite a few of these figures scattered across the English landscape. Men and horses.