Free Fiction by Me

As some of you might now, I have for the last few years struggled with a novel. I got the idea in 2000, started it in connection with a Creative Writing course at the university in 2007, and have given up about three times since then. However, I keep returning to it. I´m not sure if it´s masochism or just that it gives my life meaning, somehow.

Anyway, last time I threw in the towel was last spring. I realized I wouldn´t be able to do it again any differently if I didn´t work for a while at my process, and that´s what I spent all last winter doing. At about half-time, I decided I needed a project to focus on that wouldn´t be too important to me, that I could keep some distance to and actually finish. I decided to write a bunch of short stories - in English.

It was a good decision. It short-circuited the perfectionist in me, and allowed me creative freedom. At the same time, it was a bit like starting to use large crayons instead of 5 mm pens. In the end, some of the stories seemed to fit together, and I added illustrations, probably - I realize this now - as a way of making up for the lack of nuance. I did learn a lot from doing it. It´s not perfect, but good enough. My friends have been kind enough to correct spelling errors and offer encouragement. Thank you all! I see all kinds of improvements I could do, but I also see new ways to go about my novel, which is the main thing, after all.

I also decided to really step out of my comfort zone and publish it, in a small way, here on the blog. I have made a pfd that I hope is suitable for most e-book readers. Of course, it works on the computer as well. I don´t have an Ipad or a smartphone, so I wouldn´t know about those.

You find it here: Village Assembly.

Var så god! In all probability, it will be the only piece of fiction I´ll ever write in English. This may not be a bad thing, haha...


  1. i'm saving this for later, but i appreciate the chance to read your work. it's a bit hectic here lately, with mother having been hospitalized 3 times in 3 months and currently in rehab after a fall. and she fell again in the night while she was in rehab :( the situation doesn't actually take much of my time to see to, but it takes all my psychic energy. poor little thing! she's in so much pain!

    1. Oh dear, feel no pressure! I´m hardly expecting anyone to want to read this - it´s more about pushing my own boundries, becoming a bit more brave about showing stuff I do.

      I know about the type of situation you are in. It doesn´t matter where you physically are, if they are in a bad way, you are still there all the time, emotionally. I hope she recovers!

    2. oh, no lol i'm looking forward to it and appreciate you sharing your work. i'm impressed by people who write, as i'm a devoted reader :)

      thx for the good wishes :) she's willing and motivated but also very frail.