The Outerworldly

From The Talks.
I have read so much about street photography lately, that it was kind of refreshing to see a mini documentary on television about fashion/portrait photographer Paolo Roversi. He prefers to work in the studio, and his models look like some spieces from another planet. Nothing street-ish, nothing real about this!

In an interview on The Talks (my new favourite read), he says:
What makes you want to take pictures? Can it be anything?

No. Not anything. Something needs to touch me, something needs to give me an emotion, something needs to bring me a memory, a dream, to somewhere. When you look it’s the same. Photography always starts with a look. You look outside of your window and you see something or you’re walking down the street and you see a girl and you turn your face. And if you are a photographer you want to go in and you want to discover or you want to be closer to these things to get this emotion.
 There are picture galleries at Italian Vogue, and on this blog.

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