Ever Ready

Found this image in my photo album, from the Museum of the History of Science in Oxford, where we kind of just fell in on our first day in town. (This was vacation 2010.) It´s a pocketwatch camera, the "ever ready waistcoat pocket camera".

The Imperial War Museum has one as well, and apparently it was made from 1905 to 1914. One would use a special 17.5 mm film with 25 frames in it.

It doesn´t seem to have measured time, though. Imagine if the designers of this camera could have looked a hundred years into the future and seen what would come! When I see stuff like this, made by those who had the visions, but not the technology, I wish I had a time machine and could go back and share some gadgets with them.

(And I quite often fantasize about showing Jane Austen what a popular author she still is, and how she has influenced other writers.)

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