Blogg Closed for Summer Vacation

Last year I didn´t think once even about what to do about the blog during the summer. However, as traffic has increased, and comments too, I have become more ambitious and involved in this little project. I really appreciate all my commenters and silent readers a lot - you make me want to write more and better posts, and I have definitely widened the range of subjects I write about, though I try to keep literature at the heart of it. So thank you, all!

Storforsen, 2011
After giving some thought to my options I have decided to simply close up shop for a month. I will travel, I will have guests, I will go on adventures, and I will be off-line a lot. I don´t want to schedule posts and leave comments unmoderated, because I have had a few strange comments lately, and some comments behaving strangely even though I have vetted and approved them. Blogger seems to be spitting them out. So if you have made an innocent comment and can´t find it, that´s what´s happened. Why, I have no idea.

I wish you all a great summer holiday: a light breeze under a blue sky, grilled seafood & umbrella drinks, litter-free beaches, an even tan, and lots of time to read. I will - hopefully - be back by the end of July with much to share!