The Millenium Ark

The other day I was taking a walk, and came across this thing in front of the Town Hall. It´s a big, sculpture-like thing made of sheet iron. Turns out, it´s a time capsule with the title "Faith, Hope, and Love" made for the New Year 1999/2000. I did read something about it at the time, but had totally forgotten, and I never really looked at it properly.

Twenty-six people in Luleå were invited to each put something down for the people of Luleå in the New Year 2999/3000 - that´s how long until it´s being opened again. A bit too long, I think. Just think back, the New Year 999/1000, what was even here then? Nothing, that´s what. This part of Luleå was under water. 

Anyway, here´s a list of what´s in there:
  1. Jan Sandström, composer, put down one of his orginal manuscript.
  2. Love Alm, a fourteen year old schoolboy and the one whose idea it was to make the ark, put down a bunch of photos of how he lived his life at the time.
  3. Helmer Widlund, the town archivist, 90 years old, contributed his camera.
  4. Karin Burstrand, the vicar: a bible.
  5. Christina Björklund, kindergarten teacher: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a candle, and a match box. 
  6. Bengt and Bertil Ökvist, fishermen: net needle and floating cork.
  7. Mathias Evanne, hair stylist: books on different hairstyles that were in fashion. 
  8. Barbro Liljedahl, occupational therapist: a lifting sling.
  9. Britta Österstedt, twelve years old: a Pippi Longstocking book.
  10. Eric Eriksson, iron worker: a music cd.
  11. Magdalena Urgell, chairwoman of the women´s organization Esperanza: a silver vase.
  12. Sigge Poromaa, brushmaker: a handmade brush.
  13. Andreas Harnemo, Slowsoft AB: a telephone.
  14. Lotta Gröning, editorial writer: a notebook.
  15. Arne Öhman, teacher and amateur historian: an iron nail.
  16. Agnes Palmgren, amateur historian: Information about Gammelstad (Luleå´s Old Town), the church, the church village, and the world heritage status.
  17. Elmi Wanhatalo, nurse: a weaving shuttle, and a weaving book.
  18. Kurt Johansson, regimental commander: the history of one of Luleå´s old regiments.
  19. Jan Wikström, architect: a hand-axe.
  20. Emma-Maria Carlsson, student, feminist: magazines about the struggle for women´s rights.
  21. Elsbeth Dahlström, junior level teacher: a classic Swedish psalm, Den blomstertid nu kommer.
  22. Erik Ruth, entrepreneur: medals from the Red Cross for work done during the First World War.
  23. Jessica Engman, student and golfer: golf club and ball.
  24. Martin Börjesson, university student of technology: a photo catalogue of that year´s students and information about the university. 
  25. Maria Nyberg, student: an alarm clock.
  26. Inga-Lill Holmgren, bank director: a bankbook.


  1. fascinating! the ones i hear about usually have opening times of 100 years or so. i remember reading pippi longstocking books when i was young, and my daughter loved them, too. i liked the idea of the boy whose idea it was putting in photos of his daily life.

    i had never heard of that composer so googled him and found part of his motorbike concerto on youtube. fun!

    1. Sandström is also a Professor at Luleå University of Technology, at the Department of Arts, Communication and Education, where my husband also works. He is also a great football fan, a very unpretentious man.