From My Photo Album

London, 1980.


  1. i think travel to other countries would be so much easier if i were closer to other countries! lol i love that brick

    1. It´s not entirely clear what I was trying to photograph (with my old Instamatic). The pigeons, most likely, since I still take a lot of bird photos when I´m in London. (I´m pretty sure the BRICK wasn´t what caught my eye at thirteen, LOL!) But 30+ years on, I kind of like it for all the other things that was caught in the frame.

      Perhaps you will one day make a Grand Tour of Europe. Take six months and see it all!

    2. the brick struck me because of the brick we still have in some places here (that hasn't been totally covered with asphalt) and the cobblestones on the riverfront.

      i took a 3-week trip to europe while i was in college. i'd love 6 months!

    3. I´d love to see a post about your trip across "the Puddle"!

    4. it was much too long ago, and i don't have any photos. i'd love to go back, tho, and revisit some of the places i saw before and go to places like greece and spain where i didn't go. maybe someday.