Concert Night

Thursday, we went to a concert at the Culture House. The first one in a long while, I´m sorry to say. They need the audience, and we sure need a dose of live music now and then.

Our local chamber orchestra, Norrbottens kammarorkester, had invited the Estonian conductor, Anu Tali, and on the programme was two Estonian composers, Tubin and Pärt, and also a bit of Mozart in between. All in all, I have to say, it was an evening of easy listening, compared to some of the things they put on. In later years, there has been quite a bit of challenging music on offer. Norrbotten Neo has been a real vitamin injection to the local music scene, and raised the bars for both musicians and listeners.

As I was queing at the wardrobe after the concert, I hear this young guy saying (approximately this) to his friend:
"I really liked what they had done with the percussionists in that last piece. There were like instruments, like, part of the music!"
This cracked me up. And then I thought, I hope he keeps coming to the concerts, and brings all his friends! The average age of a concert visitor must be around seventy-five. If they can´t get young people interested, what´s going to happen to the music repertoire in a small place like this? I think they should really try to bring in the students. And perhaps they should try to avoid hockey nights...


  1. i admit i don't go to classical music concerts. when i've gone before, everybody was so old and wrapped in fur and jewelry... now that i'm older, i don't have the furs and jewelry ;)

    i'd just rather listen to my lps (back in the day) or cds here at home.

    "There were like instruments, like, part of the music!"

    i love this! maybe he'll realize that a percussion instrument might be easier than some for him to learn. Maybe someday, he'll be playing in a concert.

    1. Haha! well, you don´t see much fur and fancy jewellery these days. But it certainly used to be the norm - I remember, in the 70´s, my father seeing (on television) someone in the audience of the Vienna New Year´s concert wearing jeans. The horror!