Moodboards for Books

Did you know that Laurie R King does so called moodboards for her novels (some of them) on Pinterest? Look at this, her board for "Garment of Shadows". And this is for "Touchstone" which I haven´t yet read, but probably must, because it seems to be set in Cornwall, which I love. And then there is one for "The Bones of Paris", the follow-up to "Touchstone".

Such a great idea!


  1. i've never heard of moodboards for books before. these are beautiful! i especially like the "garment of shadows" board best.

    1. I don´t really know if anyone else does them, perhaps it´s her own idea. I read "Garment of Shadows" before I had seen the board, but I think my imagination was pretty spot on, though the board would have been a very nice companion to the reading. I have "Touchstone" on Mr Kindle, will soon read that.