The Sun on Film

Summer has exploded in the last week, due to much longed for warmth and sunlight. This little film (sorry, but I couldn´t upload it), showing the times of day the sun rises and falls, has been a regular on Swedish television since 1963. They have tried to cancel it a few times, but people have always protested until it came back.

My husband is still a bit bitter, local patriot that he is, that Luleå lost it´s place as the norther reference point to Kiruna, but it makes total sense to me, since Kiruna is above the arctic circle, and it´s only fair that part of Sweden is represented.

I took a walk with my new telezoom lens the other day, and I have to say, we are fast becoming friends. I think it´s the first time I have a camera that frames the world just the way I see it! 


  1. Great photos! Now I am inspired to photograph my new home town when I get back there later this week. :-)

    1. I am very much looking forward to seeing that. And, eventually, the town IRL.