Art On Line

My favourite museum in Stockholm, Nationalmuseum (the national art museum), is closed for renovation. This morning, I read in the newspaper that it´s possible to do a virtual tour of it, and see some of the collections, through the service of Google Art Project. It´s not the only museum featured, and I can see myself easily getting lost in there.

For me, Nationalmuseum is where you can find all the clues to Swedish identity. Most of these images are iconic, even Swedes not particularly interested in art will know them well. Artists like Carl Larsson, Helmer Osslund, Anders Zorn, Alexander Roslin, John Bauer, and Bruno Liljefors can be seen in school books, printed on trays, napkins, posters, in commercials, and they are constantly being refered to in contemporary culture. I could go on and on.

You can also explore the collections on the museum website. 

I just realized it´s been a long time since I posted any reading on this supposed book blog. It´s been hectic, shit has happened, what can I say? I am reading something really interesting, but it´s slow going.


  1. i love virtual tours, and i'm impressed with what the google art project has to offer.

    i was familiar with Carl Larsson, of course, but not with most of the other swedish artists. i love the ones i've seen so far by Helmer Osslund. reading his wikipedia entry as translated into english from swedish is quite an experience lol.

    1. Ah yes, Osslund is most famous for his depictions of northern Sweden. And he was Åslund from birth, changed it to Osslund during his years of trying to make it in America.