Stuff of Lives Past

One of my favourite places to go is the Red Cross Charity store. The Red Cross charity is favoured by a lot of posh upper middle class ladies, and if you go often, you can find some pretty astounding things for hardly any money at all. However, my wardrobe is more than full, and I´m trying to wean myself off this habit. It´s hard, one gets addicted to making extraordinary finds and good deals. Also, it´s just next door to our local supermarket.

Last week, I really needed to complement my wardrobe, though. I have bought myself two pairs of fleece-lined leggings, that I love (the comfort!), but all my shirts and tops are short, and while even my 69-year-old sister-in-law wears leggings with short tops (and does it well, I should add), I feel like my bum is offensively bare without some more substantial cover (perhaps because I have more of it, haha - bum, I mean). While I was there, I thought I´d share a peak at what´s being recycled in LuleĆ„ these days.

It´s a really huge store, with three rooms of this size. They have it all: furniture, clothes, knick-knacks.

For a while, I couldn´t go in there and not come away with a new coat. I have had to stop - I just close my left eye and go past the racks.

Remember the huge ash trays that used to be overflowing at any good party? This is one of maybe ten, all the size of dinner plates.

The left one is for birth control pills (!), the right one for aspirin.

I have one similar in my bookshelf, actually, a childhood gift from Poland from one of our nannies.

These were incredibly popular in the 80´s. For reasons unknown.

A shoe brush from Holland.

A Valentine´s gift? Whatever, it´s horrid. What is it even? A drinking glass? A candle holder?

I find these very attractive. But small.

There must have been several dozens of these floral granny coffee sets.

I have been trying to get rid or ours for years. (It was gifted to my husband, who keeps putting it back in the cupboard...) Clearly, it´s not even recyclable.

"To Mummy, on her 70th birthday"

And now, discarded.

I had one just like this, but black.

And this was my first album. Mine was a cassette, though.

This amused me: the prophecies of Nostradamus have been placed in the humour section.

And, the ultimate gift: a glass viking.


  1. "Also, it´s just next door to our local supermarket."

    dooooomed! lol

    i love the store! it would be very hard for me to walk out empty-handed.

  2. That kitchenware looks amazing! I love your blog too. It's always a delight to read.