Links for Artlovers

Ok, so I just have to share this new discovery I just made. It´s an artblog by artist, etc Dan Shepelavy, and if you are into art, it´ll give you something to do on a Sunday afternoon. In the spirit of my recent post on Kary H Lasch, I´ll direct you straight to this post on Vivian Maier´s work. I saw a documentary about Maier not long ago, she was one of those reclusive artists who do the work for the love of it, not for the attention and the fame. You can also find more of her work here.


  1. thx for that link. i subscribe to a few art blogs and like the variety that one offers. i tend to perk up every time i see a painting in which a woman is wearing a hat, but then i'm weird that way ;)

    1. We all have our excentricities, I guess:-D! I´m partial to old, derelict houses...