Summer Nostalgia

A commenter asked me about the labyrinth on the sand dunes of Fuerteventura, and it reminded me of another labyrinth, on another beach. Now, it´s buried in feet of snow, but here are some pictures of what has been summers past and what will be again in another six months. I give you Sandön (Sand Island) and Sandgrönnorna (The Sand Reefs), summer of 2010, in the Luleå archipelago, where the sun (almost) always shines!

The Marina at Klubbviken, a popular spot for boat people and daytrippers, like us.
You don´t need to bring a picknick, there is a good restaurant here. I always have fried herring and mashed new potatoes.

Follow this path...

... end up here. (I sometimes give the camera to my husband, to prove I was there, too.)

It´s shallow here, and you can walk far just pulling your skirt or pants up a bit.

Strandvial   La´thyrus mari´timus
And you know you are in Lapland...

... when the reindeer come by.
Home-made labyrinth.

Tall   Pi´nus silve´stris

This strait is man-made. It used to be a beach with sweet river water on one side and salty sea water on the other.

One weekend a year one can visit Sandgrönnorna, due to bird protection regulations.
There is no natural harbour, you must run the ship aground.

We joined a twitching tour that started in the rain, but it soon cleared up.

The only picture my husband managed to take of a rare eagle-ish type bird. I didn´t even try...


  1. lovely! looks like fun :)

    we are quite far from the ocean here. we have lakes and the mighty mississippi river, but we are 6 hours from the gulf of mexico and twice that far from the atlantic ocean. i have loved my beach vacations, but i haven't been often.

    1. Well, the Gulf of Bothnia isn´t exactly an ocean, but it´s certainly larger than most lakes. I grew up by a lake in the south, played as a child by and on the water/ice all the time and have that kind of intimate knowledge of it that you only get when you´re two or three feet tall. Compared to that, even our tiny sea is exotic!

      I have seen the Mississippi once, when I spent a Thanksgiving weekend in St Louis with friends - almost 30 years ago (omg!). It is mighty indeed.

    2. Loved the photo journey! I can even pronounce the names! I would love to visit Sweden some day. (Have studied Swedish diction and sung Swedish art songs in recital.)