From My Photo Album

This picture is taken sometime in the mid-70´s, on a trip to Austria and possibly Italy. I was perhaps 9, 10, 11 and I don´t remember taking it exactly, but I have always had a strong sense of ownership and I have always like it very much. (And it doesn´t really look like something my mother would have taken, so I assume it is mine, though I wonder if I had a camera of my own at that time.) I remember being proud and thinking it looked pretty enough to be a postcard, except that there was our car in the middle of it!

This photo is, for me, the ur-photo, the beginning of my fascination with photography and the reason I enjoy it so much today.


  1. mother used to critique my photos, but they suited me and reminded me of whatever it was i wanted to remember about the place/event. they just didn't suit _her_ ;)

    that's a beautiful scenic view in your picture.

    1. I have had some "art"critics in my life as well, and some of those clashes has made some photos really special and defining to me. I thought I´d publish them all in the near future, as a kind of personal photo album archeology, I suppose.

  2. If some world famous photographer posted this photo on Tumblr, it would be shared 10,000 times.

    Speaking of critiques, when I showed my mother my blog after I had been working on it about three months (so, last March), she called me back a day later and said, "I had a look at your pictures... they're OK, nothing special. The good photographers take pictures of people and there's a pop, something special about them. But yours are OK." She said that. Earlier this week I was talking to her by phone and telling her that I was going to upgrade my camera over the weekend to a pro-grade model and she paused and said, "Oh, well I saw your blog a couple of days ago, and you're pictures are better." I wish I'd been born into one of those families that weren't such a tough crowd!

    Finally, I really like Hans Månsson's work and will be sure to check it out further!


    1. Haha, well - being acknowledged does make people pay more attention, I guess. And you are very kind.

      It sounds like your mother is honest, at least. And perhaps she relates to you as an independent person, not just as her son. Which is probably more valuable, if not as emotionally satisfactory. But these relationships are complex...

      I realize I haven´t put a link in for Månsson, will do. His project site is in Swedish, but I suppose there is Google translate (though it has it´s limitations).

    2. The Google translate is actually very handy!