What I don´t know about this book

Allow me to complain a bit about how hard it is to find something really, really interesting to read. I mean interesting in the "stay-up-all-night-hardly-even-thinking-about-food" kind of interesting. Since Murnane´s "Barley Patch" there has been nothing.

I had high hopes for Jenny Diski´s "What I don´t know about animals" (= allt jag inte vet om djur). It was a short loan, as there was a queue to it, and what you see in the picture is exactly how far I got in a fortnight.

I loooved Diski´s travel books, particularly the one where she goes to the Antarctic on a ship, and the one where she travels across North America on a train, and the one where she goes to Jukkasjärvi - wait - that´s all of them! I haven´t read any of her novels, though. This is not a novel, nor is it a reportage, it´s more of an auto-biographical essay, I think. Can´t really say for sure, as I didn´t read through it.

I should, really, give Diski one more chance, sometime when there is more time available. But for sure, it´s not something that pulls me in. I´d have to make an effort. It´s the subject. I don´t know much about animals either, and I´m not that interested in the way animals are used and misused in culture, which is what I´m guessing this is all about.

I´m continually on the look-out.

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