Visby, Gotland - Day One

Coming here is a bit like going abroad. Weather, culture, magic!
I was superlucky to be able to come with my husband to Visby this year. He was at a conference all day - poor him! - while I was taking in the sights with a collegue´s wife, Margareta, who - my brilliant luck! - has lived here as a kid, and is also very well-read on history and such. I can´t think of a better guide for the short stay (two nights) we had.

A few images just to give you an idea of the things that caught my eye:

Nature! In the cultured manner of the Bothanical Gardens.

And the smell of the roses!

The old hotels.

The medieval defensive wall goes all around the town.

And some more modern defenses.

A reminder of the town´s former status as part of the Hansa trading system.

The old mote, where I´m told the kids used to do tricks on their bikes.

St Gertrude had her own convent & church.

A walnut tree!

And it´s fruit.

From the cathedral.

What the cathedral used to look like when spanking new.

I have an affinity for gargoyles.

The main square - jesters and their audience.

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