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I am slowly continuing weeding my bookshelves. Today my attention fell upon this one, Lorrie Mack´s "Compact Living" from 1988 (Swedish translation 1993). I bought it about ten years ago, when I had a brief phase of interest in interior decoration, brought on by a renovation of our house. Suddenly we were asked by the landlord what colour wallpaper we preferred and I was momentarily Lost in Space. But there is always a book out there that will broaden one´s views. This one did it for me.

What then happened was, I wrote the wrong number in a form, and ended up with blue wallpaper instead of yellow in three rooms of five, would have been ALL of them if I hadn´t come by to pick up the mail... I have since gotten over it, and painted over some of it, too. I remember filling in that form at the same time as I was drinking tea with my sister, and while I don´t blame her in the least, it´s a good example of my crappy ability to multi-task.

I have kept this book for one reason, one picture that I love to bits.

From Lorrie Mack´s "Compact Living"

This is my dream room. I have always been fond of small flats, having lived in several minimal flats when I was younger. This looks ideal to me. Light, bright, yellow with red accents, paintings, a nice quilt, just the right amount of furniture, and food on the table. Lovely, as they always say on "An Escape to the Country".

And now that I have this picture in my computer, will make it my desktop image, I can say bye bye to the book. I hope it will give someone else a happy evening.

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