Out of place

Found this when I was clearing out my shelves. It´s my old H C Andersen-collection of tales, and some of them have been read quite a few times. The story about the little match girl would always, always make me cry, and I wasn´t particularly teary-eyed even as a child.

However, sentimentality get´s you nowhere, and there are new kids in our extended family that this book, and a few others, will be passed to. Hopefully it will find a home with them. I have no idea if Andersen´s stories are even relevant to kids today, or if the old classics are buried in the flood of new books being turned out. Whatever. However much I´d like the new generation to love the same things I have loved, to have exactly the same references that I have, that´s not going to happen, is it?

But what is Gyro Gearloose doing on the cover of my old H C Andersen?

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  1. Your old book have definitly found a new home and we have read a few of the stories in it. And Gyro Gearloose is still flying around on the cover.