Clearing out, part II

Today, I have given away the last of at least a couple hundred books. I tried to take a photograph of all the books I´ve gotten rid of, but it´s happened over the course of a few weeks and I just didn´t manage to get that feeling of abundance into the frame. Relatives have released me of some of the burden, it´s always nice to know the books get a good home.

The empty space in my shelves have immediately been filled by stuff from the living room that we never use, like CDs (we have discovered Spotify) and photo albums. I found four boxes of slides that I took during my exchange year in Iowa, more than half my lifetime ago. Perhaps I should get one of those tv-like slide-showing thingies so I can look at them.

I get this feeling of exhilaration when I get to throw stuff into the containers up at the recycling station. Yes, even some books. Old videocassettes. Furniture. Swoosh, gone. I´d throw out more, but my other half is a hamster.

Since the books are gone, and my proposed New Year´s Resolution aborted, I decided instead to devote this year to learning a new skill: to make salty snacks, instead of baking cakes and cookies. I have been googling croustades and finger sandwiches. I have bought buffalo mozzarella. I´m ready for 2011.

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