Summer Sleuth Story

An unexpected read, a recommendation from a friend: Laurie R King´s "The language of bees". A detective story, excellent for summer holidays when constant socializing is competing for one´s attention.

I was a bit apprehensive the first few pages, though, this is a story about Sherlock Holmes in his later years, the 1920´s, and his very, very young wife, Mary Russel, and it is written in first person, from Mary´s perspective. I thought "oh no, it´s a Mary Sue". And maybe it is. However, it´s also very well written, and the plot is not as easy to figure out as some stuff I have read. And, I have a weakness for Sherlock, although I have not read a Conan Doyle since my teens. I do think that this book has some of the same feel to it as the tv-series "Murder Rooms", another spin-off from the Holmes-universe that I really love.

I will read the first in this series, I am curious to how it all starts with Mary Su.., sorry, Mary Russel, but I´m not sure I can get through all of them. Perhaps I will read one every summer, that´s probably the way to enjoy this highly recommendable sleuth!

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