Pilcher, "Flowers in the rain"

I didn´t realize that Pilcher is a romance writer. That´s what I have to call it, considering the majority of these stories are about weddings, about finally meeting the love of one´s life (usually a childhood sweetheart), or possibly about middle aged women missing their children who have moved away to London.

The drama is basically the same over and over: the protagonist is feeling alienated after a few years of doing the career-thing in London, looking back at her life and thinking it was simpler when I/the children were young. And it is all resolved by a declaration of love, either from a handsome man, a child or a parent. Love is all you need.

I certainly didn´t dislike this book. The short stories are engaging, the resolutions happy and satisfying. But that´s it, really. Reading this, for me at least, is more about killing time, distracting myself for a bit, than it is about serious reading. But I can see why so many readers love Pilcher. It´s escapism, to a world where the only right way to live is with a large family on a big farm, preferably in Scotland (as far away from London as physically possible).

And what is it about Pilcher and the month of September? She mentions it over and over again and I know she even wrote a novel with that title. Perhaps she is just one of those lucky writers that only write about the stuff she loves. I very much suspect it. And envy her, just a little...

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