And Some Kind of New Beginning

I´m back! The sabbatical has been good (I have really done as little as possible, been extremely lazy and introspective; resting efficiently, you might say), and I am truly envigoured and full of energy. Of course, I have been missing blogging and the first week I felt not just a bit lost without it. At the same time, the distance really made me see what wasn´t right about what I was doing, and what I have that is really valuable to me.

I have decided to keep blogging here at the Bookshelf - I am still reading (of course!), and like to write about it. However, I am branching out. I have already moved the Photoalbum to a blog of its own, and now I have started Viktoria´s Notebook and Viktoria´s Kitchen. The Notebook is for all those posts that aren´t really related to literature (like travel, music, art, film, whatever), and the Kitchen for those thoughts about and food and cooking that I have tried to restrain, as it didn´t seem to belong on a reading blog. So, bottom line, I suppose the Bookshelf is becoming more what it was intended to be and perhaps was in the beginning.


  1. Welcome back! I look forward to reading more. Rest is essential to the soul.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I really learned that lesson this time. Essential.