Kindle. My Name is Kindle.

Got my Christmas present today, brought to me by car delivery! To my door! Amazon, you shouldn´t have... The grand entrance was followed up by the smoothest introduction a new piece of gadgetry has ever done of itself. In all my life I have never seen anything like it.

Not a single piece of paper came with it. Just an instruction on the screen that said how to start it. Press the button. And then it guides you through connecting to your wireless, installs your profile with another single press of a button, and you are provided with a very easy-to-read introduction brochure. And with no effort at all, the few kindle-books I have purchased before, (convincing myself that I would read them on the computer, but never do) were down-loaded on this charming reading tablet.

Not that the Iriver Story was particularly hard to get on with, I love it, too, but this was an experience on another level, I must say. Someone has been thinking, and that will win me every time. Even the box it came in was elegant, and so easy to open. And you know what that´s usually like. I can not fault this. The whole process was so darn elegant.

Now, I need to design a cover that is good enough for it. Can´t do another crafty crochet&plastic-solution here. I need something that looks more like... a tuxedo.


  1. i look forward to hearing how you like your kindle. i haven't made that leap yet, but i've been tempted.

  2. Ms. Kindle made her appearance last Christmas and I really enjoy her. I like being able to enlarge the font and downloading from Amazon is temptingly easy. And I like not having a back-lit screen, which makes the transition from reading to bedtime easy.