A Theory on Creation

I have to share this story with you that I found on this wonderful blog, Fanciful Devices. Enjoy:

The best story from this weekend was when 3yrold Marcela mentioned something about God. To which 6yrold Carlos very sarcastically retorted, "Who doesn't even exist!" 
His mom looked just as quizzical as I felt. We're all basically atheists in my family, but she's certainly not teaching it to these little ones, that's not the kind of thing you want them going on about at school. Especially now that Marcela's going to a -very good- Catholic school. "Carlos,"said my sister, "you can really upset people if you say that. They're teaching Marcela about God in school- which is great!"
"So then how did we get here?" asks a suddenly articulate Marcela. Carlos considers.
"Maybe a dinosaur was laying an egg and he laid a human by mistake. Then he laid all the humans."
A dinosaur. Laid. A human.
And then he laid all the humans.
So there you have a truncated version of human evolution by Carlos Rios Klaus, who is way too logical to believe in God.

A dinosaur. Laid. A human.

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