From My First Photo Album

I new what was good from an early age.*
Grandpa was a football player, a legendary (in a regional kind of way) goalkeeper.

Reading is the Mother of all superpowers.

Some people love you for no apparent reason.

I used to lie on the sofa and have my reading material on the floor.

Some people fit in, others stand out.

Best friends often look alike.

Yeah, writing.

Being an older sister has probably defined my character more than anything.

I have a very big head brain.

All I see in this picture are the shoes. Loved them.

I have forgotten much. Some details remain, like the shape and smell of that handbag.
* My parents were not negligent in any way. They filled the beer bottles with squash. I wanted to do everything my dad did.
** Some games turn into habits.

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  1. This is hilarious! What a great idea--to put captions with old photos. And I imagine this might make a great gift for the right person.

    I forgot that I have subscribed to your blog and am so glad your post reminded me to check in!