Home is not so bad

It´s a popular roundabout excercise walk, sometimes called "The Blood Circulation".
In early August, when we came home from Visby, there was a day when my husband was ill, and I was not yet so badly come down with the cold. I decided to take a walk by myself around the lake, our usual round of 5 kilmetres or so. (That´s a bit more than 3 miles.)

It occured to me that I hardly ever take my camera with me when I go out at home, so, being on my own, I decided to amuse myself playing the tourist. I came home with 250 pictures, or there abouts. The weather was smashing, and pretty much anything I pointed the camera at turned out nice.

I give you: Luleå at it´s best. 

I sometimes see retrievers being trained here. Not today, though.

I´m a sucker for pretty flowers. It´s the long winters.

The old folk´s home where my father-in-law spent his final days.

Sometimes kids play rounders on this field.

I don´t know what kind of fish can be caught in town, but I often see guys with rods.

This used to be a boatyard, even I can remember that from the early 90´s.

No one feeding the birds today.

I´m half-way now, and that´s our neighbourhood on the other side.

The police station straight ahead. Trains leave for Stockholm and Gothenburg every day.

The bus station, from where you can travel to places like Jokkmokk, Haparanda, and Älvsbyn.

Those three guys on the bench are never far away from the liqour store.

The train station.

Here lives a pied flycatcher that I have been observing this summer.

The old school at Malmudden, now a home for the disabled. The cat is an aquaintance.

Our own yard.

Some wild pansys taking over our neglected flower beds.

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