Vacation at home

Lovely gift from my nephews.
It´s summer and we are on vacation, finally. This year, we are not travelling anywhere (except for a short trip to Gotland), just staying home, doing a few repairs (the washing machine is in molecules, waiting for a new heating element), sleeping late, watching some film on rainy days, taking long walks.

We are also having guests. My sister from Gothenburg & family have just been, and the house has been unusually lively and full of energy. Children are such an effective reminder of the basic joys in life.
Being so impressed with Gerald Murnane, I immediately jumped onto his novel "The Plains". I got one thirds into it, it´s rather short, and I was so bored my body hurt. Sorry, Murnane. As much as I loved "Barley Patch", I just don´t get this. I imagine it´s very Australian, very metaphorical, very something that I just don´t recognize and can´t assimilate. So I gave up.

I have something I ordered and forgot about waiting for me at the library. Perhaps, I hope, a great read. I´m in need of one.

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