Classic Swedish Tant Mag

Due to a mistake at work (mine most likely, I hope someone elses) I came home yesterday with this weekly Swedish magazine, "Hemmets veckotidning" (= Home Weekly), and since I seem to have a tant theme going on, I thought I should share it with you.

These magazines have been around a long time, this particular one was started in 1929. It´s the housewife´s companion, my mother and grandmother always had them. They still look pretty much the same as they did when I was little. Let´s leaf through it!
91-year old heroic tant saves her neighbours from dying in housefire.

Heroic dog saves his owner from evil & dangerous snake.

How to decorate and succed with house plants.

Nice clothes (not typical tant style, though!) for healthy bodies.

Thrilling novel.

Crime of the week: First three murders - then oysters and champagne!

Display of reader´s cute grandchildren.

Recipies of sensible, traditional and affordable food (for those with small pensions).

Crossword puzzles, to pass time and ward off the Alzheimer´s.

And crochet patterns. Pretty lace brooches to give to the young hip tant generation.

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  1. I love it! Some things just don't change. Haha. The scariest thing is how much time I spent when I was a kid leafing through these magazines although they were soooo boring for someone in the early teens. I guess that would not have happened if I would have had 100 channels on the TV or a computer and internet connection.