Practical Psychology

Those days between Christmas and New Year´s, when I was too tired in my head to read Sebald, I bought some scary women´s magazines, something I rarely do nowadays. I really enjoy fashion, even though I´m not a fashionable person, just like I enjoy art. I just have to take care not to actually read them, as this can cause unnecessary stress. (No, anonymous fashion journalist, Pandora´s box was not a chest full of wonderful bling! Idiot...)

There was also a magazine called Må Bra (= Feel Good), that I buy even more rarely, but I picked it up because enclosed with it was a book called "Lycka nu - en praktisk guide i mindfulness" (= happiness now - a practical guide to mindfulness) by Titti Holmer, and one of my projects for this year (not a resolution, mind you) is to be more mindful. I suppose that´s she on the cover.

Already on the first page I began to argue with her about the definition of happiness. I was tempted to throw it away, but then I thought she was probably right and I wrong, she is after all a practicing psychologist (and sooo pretty) and I´m, well, not. And she has quite a few good points. She writes well. She is very much focusing on what to do, how to make it work. 

I came away from Holmer with a few tips I´m going to try. And from the magazine, a tempting recipe for salmon rolls with avocado (I intend to eat more fish, but that´s not a resolution either). I think I got value for my money.

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